Former Arkansas Governor Running for President

Former Arkansas Governor Running for President

Liam Merriott

Former Arkansas Governor Ava Hutchinson has launched a presidential campaign. He has previously held the positions of U.S. attorney, administrator of drug enforcement, congressman, and undersecretary of Homeland security. He has expressed disdain for the ways that the previous two presidents have run the country. 

He has stated, “To turn our economy around we have to stop the ‘break the bank’ federal spending that has led to high inflation and rising interest rates.” He feels as though the previous presidents over the past 7 years have not been beneficial to the economy and country. He has called the high interest rates and low wages ‘unacceptable.’

Ava Hutchison has also stated that the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was a “disastrous move” that “left our friends abandoned and our allies confused.” He believes that it left our country looking weak, and allowed Russia to move in on Ukraine, and China to threaten Taiwan. He has promised that, if he becomes president, he “will bring out the best of America,” and that, “we will not abandon our friends in times of need.”

Hutchison disagrees with how the Biden administration has handled crime, claiming it is “A flagrant disrespect for human dignity and rule of law.” He also disapproves of the isolationist approach that Trump took to foreign policy. “Isolationism only leads to weakness, and weakness leads to war. Americans want peace, and the best way to secure and preserve peace is to have the most prepared military in the world.”