Hunter Biden Appeared in an Arkansas Court

Connor Scarlet

BATESVILLE, Ark. – On Monday, April, 24, Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, appeared in an Arkansas court for a hearing in a paternity case to reduce child support. An Arkansas woman, who is the mother of his son, alleged that Hunter ignored court orders to turn over records of his finances.

     Lunden Roberts has asked the judge to hold him in contempt and to send him to jail until he gives the court his financial records. She then later accused Biden of failing to provide discovery in the case, and stated he is, “playing games with this court.”This case has been in the works since 2019.

Hunter Biden as seen in Court

This started in 2019 as a basic paternity case, but overtime it turned into something much more serious. The case turned into a proxy battle with Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals, this led to his laptop and other financial matters to be under criminal investigation by the Justice Department. Biden has become a target for Republicans over this matter. His legal team met with prosecutors at the Justice Department last week to discuss potential charges in a criminal tax investigation.

     Roberts’ lawyer states that they should, “incarcerate the defendant in the Cleburne County Detention Center” until he gives up his financial records to Roberts.Biden previously denied that he is the father of the 4 year old but then agreed to take a paternity test, which came to be positive.  Roberts stated in a previous court filing that a DNA test “established with scientific certainty” that Hunter Biden is the father. Independence court circuit judge Holly Meyer ruled all parties to appear in court for a contempt hearing to address these allegations.

     In 2020 Biden then agreed to pay monthly child support, but the case remains ongoing.