The LEARNS Act Effects on Arkansas

The Arkansas House of Representatives passed Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ education overhaul bill, known as the LEARNS Act in March of this year.

The Senate bill 294, better known as the LEARNS act, is the Republican governor’s school reform initiative. This bill includes state funds for students to attend a private school or a home school. It will also raise the minimum starting salary for school teachers $14,000. The House vote was 78 to 12.

Sanders  said, ¨The Arkansas House made history today by passing my Arkansas LEARNS bill by an overwhelming majority,¨ upon its passing and heading to the Senate.

¨I have my pen ready to sign the boldest, most far-reaching, most conservative education reforms in the country into law after the Senate passes this amended version early next week. These sweeping changes will address teachers´ needs, defend parents´ rights, and, most importantly, give our kids the quality education they deserve.¨ The bill has since passed the Senate, been signed by Sanders, and is making waves across Arkansas. 

The first time Sanders presented her details to the act was in a news conference in early February. She then announced that this bill would come with a 144-page ¨package.¨ The package included everything about starting higher salaries for teachers and then to a ban on critical race theories being taught in schools now.