Silver Dollar City Trip

Hannah Banning

Chaffin Middle School is allowing all students that take Choir, Orchestra, and Band to take a field trip to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. Choir, Band, and Orchestra students should be at the school at 6:30.

 A ticket without a season pass costs $70.00, and with a season pass it is $15.00. This trip will take place on May 31 and last all day. Students will arrive back at the school late at night and parents will need to pick them up.

This trip is being allowed because the musical art students have worked hard to get to where they are now. Mrs. Martin and Mr. Kyle have taught the choir students, including Chamber and Vox, well and put on multiple concerts and CPA, as well as the band directors, Mr. McKissic and Mr. Palmer, and Orchestra director, Mrs. Jeter. These directors all led students at All-Regions for their musical groups. These accomplishments contribute to the reasons why our musical art classes get to go on this trip.

Khloe Tritt, a student at Chaffin Middle School, says “ I think the trip will be super fun! We get to hangout with friends on the bus and then at the park. Last year it rained the whole trip and some of the water rides were shut down. Hopefully this year it will be sunny and all the rides will be open.” Students at Chaffin are really excited for this trip.