Teacher vs Student Basketball Tournament

Teacher vs Student Basketball Tournament

Brandon Johnson

Chaffin Middle School has decided to host basketball games between teachers and students on June 1st to start Summer Break. These basketball games will hold four teams of five from each grade level. People have signed up on a Google form to pick their teammates and their team name.

Students have found the Google form on the Chaffin Counselors Schoology Page. The Google doc with teams was posted on May 15th. The 8th grade teams have already been announced. Those teams are The Bright Reds, The Rizzlers, The Three B’s,  and The Boys. One team favored to win is The Rizzlers, consisting of players such as Baron Hoyt, Samuel Robbins, Heath Banck, Damon Bridges, and Lane Lowder.

Many people are wondering about the cost. Everyone must spend $1 to enter, including players. This means it will cost $5 per team. With the one dollar entry, there will also be a concession stand with food and beverages provided. If you are an audience member, It might be best to bring more money for you just in case you get hungry.

This basketball game goes through the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th period. This is not intended to be taken seriously by any means. Players are there to have fun, but each team really wants to win. This is Chaffin’s first annual basketball tournament so it is due to be a good one.