Suspected Murderer in Chanell Moore Case Arrested


Allie Weaver

Chanell Moore was killed in a convenience store robbery on March 24, 2023.

26-year-old Chanell Moore was shot and killed while on her shift at Doug’s. He asked for a pack of cigarettes, and when she turned back around he shot her. The suspect also shot at customers pulling into the parking lot. She had 4 kids, the youngest was a few months old.

“I hope the police find them, they are really wrong – they took a mother! Like [they] didn’t have to shoot her,” cried Franks in an interview with 5 News. Franks’s brother was going to get married to Moore soon.
People in the community have honored her in different ways. Some put out stuffed animals, flowers, and candles to honor her. Some people in the community hosted a benefit concert.

“It’s very heartbreaking because I’m a mother. I have mothers who all work for me, and grandmothers who work for me, and we’re all about the

children, the babies, and the families. It has been very heartbreaking,” Leah Pierce, manager at Recovery Room said in an interview with 5 News.

FSPD released surveillance footage of Moore’s Murder. They are asking people in the area to look at their doorbell cameras between 10:00 pm and 10:30 pm for anything suspicious that might relate to the murder.


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