Chaffin Hosts Spring Orchestra Concert

Orchestra had their last concert of the year on May 17, 2023.

Aamina Siddiqui

The Chaffin Orchestra had their very last concert of the year on May 17, 2023, at Ramsey Middle School. 

The dress code was concert black. The first year orchestra had gone to play first, and they were followed by the second year orchestra. The awards that were given out during this concert were The Most Improved, The Most Outstanding, and the Directors awards. The Most Improvement and Outstanding are voted by the students. The Directors awards are for the students who have a positive attitude. The other awards include the A or B List, which means all the students earned A’s or B’s in both semesters, and the Outstanding Achievement award, which means the students had straight A’s. 

The first year orchestra had played Impulse by Brian Balmages, Frog in a Tree by Ed Siennicki, Rocking Strings by Victor Lopez, and  The New World Symphony by Antonin Dvorak. All the first year students received the Outstanding Achievement Award. Jennifer Neighbors and Alexander Neighbors had won the most improved award. Cadynce Turner and Anna Ostrander won the Most Outstanding Player award. Ava Rodriguez and Denise Sinfuentes won the Director’s Award.

The second year orchestra had played Night Shift by Richard Meyer, Qin Shi Stone Army by Tyler Arcari, and Intensity by Sean O’Loughlin. All of the students were on the A or B list. Cynee Saygnaphay and Khang Nguyen had won the Most Improved award. Heaven Bailey and Evelyn Chung won the Director’s Award. Lydia Collins and Vincent Lin had won the Most Outstanding award. 

“I honestly loved playing orchestra at Chaffin and it was a really nice experience. I love the memories that we all created during that night and everywhere we’ve gone.” Chaffin Orchestra student Vivian Xayavongsa mentioned.

Good job to everyone in Orchestra this year and congratulations to every student who won an award!