Chaffin Choir Faces Technical Difficulties During Second Spring Concert

Kensley Mankins

On May 16th, 7th & 8th grade girls and boys,, a select group of 6th grade girls , and Chamber choir performed in the gym at Chaffin Middle School. The 7th and 8th grade boys performed “Make a Man Out of You,” and “Hound Dog“. The 7th and 8th grade girls performed “You Say,” and “9 to 5”. 6th grade girls performed “Popular.” Chamber preformed “My Jesus,” “Perfect,” and “My Favorite Things.”

Spotlight solos were performed by Kensley Mankins, Kaylin Underwood, and Crosby Turnage. Kaylin Underwood performed a heart-felt ballad called “See You Later (Ten Years),” Crosby Turnage performed a emotional cover of  “Reflection,” and Kensley Mankins preformed a self arranged medley called “I’ll Remember You Medley”

“Making it fun is one of the hat’s that a choir teacher has to wear.” said choir teacher Dylan Kyle. Students learned pieces for over 3 weeks. They practiced until it was said “perfect.”

Students faced technical difficulties during the concert, but soon recovered. This happened during the songs “My Favorite Things” performed by chamber choir, and “Popular’’ performed by the select 6th grade choir. An unidentified  member of the audience said “At first it was nerve wracking for the directors and the students, but overall the directors handled the technical issues quite well. The students never stopped performing. I was most proud of the students because they stayed on track, never stopped, and performed as if that was supposed to happen.” Students had to get back up on their feet and try again even after the difficulties.

Katie Mankins, a Chaffin counselor, and former choir director said “It showed great maturity, not all high school choirs would not have been able to pull that off.”