Runaway Adolescents in the Fort Smith Area

Why are there so many runaways in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and why are they all mostly young teenagers?

In the first few months of this year (2023) there have been multiple runaway kids. In the last school year of 2022-2023 there have been many reports of kids missing from elementary to high school. In April, there was a 12 year old kid missing report. On February 9th, there was a 14 year old missing kid. Multiple news stories alerts about missing children or young adults have been going around through different apps. Most of the time, parents tend to see the alerts come from Facebook. These alerts tend to be in detail or just simple. Sometimes they even give away the houses they could be seen around, to even their closest friends.

That is just the young adults/children who have been mentioned. Many runaways sometimes don’t even get a notice or a missing report. Many kids who run away from home and the parents/the people at home, go unnoticed.  At these ages, it’s normal to see younger people running away. Signs that a kid may run away may just be all because of their home life. Most of the time they either have a horrible parent or just a bad family. It all depends on the kids perspective.