An Interview with the Region Four Outstanding Choir Director of the Year

Maddye Hall, Writer

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Last weekend at the Region Four All Region Choir concert, Chaffin’s choir director Miss Guadagnini won the Outstanding Choir Director of the Year award. Yesterday, I had the chance to ask her some questions about the award. First, I asked her exactly what the award was. “It’s basically just a show of the work you have done throughout the year. It was for being the Region 4 junior high Outstanding Director.” I then asked her if she had ever won the award before, seeing as she’s been going to All Region clinics for six years. “I have never won before, I wasn’t eligible. You had to have head your own program for five years, and my first year of teaching I didn’t.” After that, I asked Miss. G what winning the award will do for her career, if anything at all. “It’s kind of like a feather in your cap. It’s recognized by people around and in state that you’re doing your job right.” I also wondered if her students influenced the award in any way. “They don’t have anything to do with the process in choosing the winner, but their performance definitely has an impact on who wins.” For my final question, I wanted to know what winning the award meant to Miss. Guadagnini personally. “I don’t do this job for glorification purposes, obviously, but it feels great that my peers and my old teachers acknowledge how hard I’ve been working and they think that I deserved to win. The people who voted were some people I knew in college, so that was very cool.” Congratulations to Miss. Guadagnini, Chaffin is proud of you!

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An Interview with the Region Four Outstanding Choir Director of the Year