Mountain Thyme

Zeb Gattis

The Chaffin 9th grade band is going to be playing a song named Mountain Thyme. It is by Samuel R Hazo and was made for the parents of a child who died. Behind the parents’ house is a mountain where thyme grows.

Samuel Hazo is an American composer who was born in 1966 and in 2003 he became the first composer to be awarded the winner of both composition contests sponsored by the National Band Association. Mountain Thyme won honorable mention in the 2013 composition contest. There have been a total of about four million views on Youtube for his works.

Mountain Thyme is a song that starts off with a three measure percussion ensemble where in the fourth the rest of the band comes in. There are a lot of high and low parts, which was a lot like in the other song by Hazo that the band played earlier this year. It was named Blue and Green Music and was a big hit with the band members.