8th Grade Track Relay Event

Brenton Jennings, Writer

For the past couple of months, the coaches and kids from Chaffin have been practicing for track. There are a number of events, such as: discus, high/long jump, pole vault, and many more individual races around the field.

And like everything in sports, there has to be people to fill in those events. I asked Coach Pogue, coach of the 8th grade boys team, to tell me some names who participate in these events. He gave me a list of names from his team, and those names are, with their event(s) stated:

John Greenfield – 800/3200 relay

Jack Hannan – Discus

Jonah Hill – High jump/long jump

Braden Shipley – 800/3200 relay

Robinson Tran – pole vault and 1-10 hurdles

Marlon Briggs – Shot-put

Elijah Owens – 100/400 relay

As these are just some of the names who compete in the events, they all did very well, according to Coach Pogue. It is still track season, so good luck to both boys and girls, and represent Chaffin well!