Mrs.Henry Special Ed Interview

Kirsten Chambers, Writer

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Mrs.Henry is the new special education teacher at Chaffin Junior High. I interviewed her over what it takes to be a special education teacher and some interesting facts about her and her life. Here are some of the question that I asked our new special ed teacher.

1.When did you decide to become a special ed teacher?

In her senior year of college she decided to become a special education  teacher while  pursuing her major in English.

2. What are the qualities of an excellent teacher?

She believes that the qualities of an excellent teacher are having great relationships between students and colleagues also being prepared which she thinks is super important for teachers.          

3. 5  adjectives that describe you.

Determined, humorous, short, genuine and optimistic.

4. How long have you been teaching and where did you teach last?

“I have been teaching for seven years and the last place I taught was in Gans Oklahoma and I was the special education director for 6 years.”says Mrs.Henry

5. What do you love the do in your free time?

She absolutely loves to garden, kayak, watch baseball and go swimming.

6. What do you find most difficult about teaching?

“I would have to say balancing work and spending time with family because I tend to work at home a lot.”

7. Have you always lived in Fort Smith? If not where do you live?

She was born in Fort Smith but moved to Oklahoma along with her husband.

8. What is your favorite food?

“Hmm…I would have to say Mexican food I love Mexican, but if I had to pick one it would be avocados.”

9. Do you have a favorite subject you like to teach?

Her favorite subject to teach is Social Skills because she wants to teach her student how to be better people.

10. Who was your role model growing up?

“My older sister is my biggest role model because she is a hard worker, very determined and good at everything.” she said

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Mrs.Henry Special Ed Interview