Fort Smith City Choral Fest 2017

Layla Kifer

Fort Smith City Choral Fest

On Tuesday, September 26th 2017, all four Fort Smith Jr. High Schools gathered together to sing their all region music. At 8:20 a.m all the 300+ chaffin choir students crowded into the bus loading zone and headed to the Stubblefield Center to rehearse for the concert they would put on at 7:30 p.m. Many people were nervous to sing around people they didn’t know but by the time the concert rolled around everyone was confident and ready to conquer. The females from Chaffin, Darby, Kimmons, and Ramsey rehearsed their pieces Catch a Falling Star, This is the Day and Sing Creations Music On in the gym of the Stubblefield Center. The males from all schools  rehearsed their pieces Gaudeamus Hodie, Musica Dei, and Dream Keeper. All students rehearsed until 11:15 and then they all broke up and ran to eat lunch. The concession stand served the students, pizza, hot  dogs, Chick-Fil A, Great American Cookie, and lots of candy! The students worked very hard and were nicely rewarded with a good lunch. After a good meal, the girls and boys switched and the girls went to rehearse in the church and the boys went to the basketball arena. Around 1:30 in the afternoon, all the choir students from Northside and Southside joined to sing God Bless America. After a very successful day of singing all the students gathered together at 7:30 to entertain  friends and family. It was a very successful concert and all the groups sang beautifully.