The Meaning of Art

Kimberly Witt, Writer

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    Art can be found everywhere you look and can come in many diverse way’s. All people have artistic ability but some have not really focused for it. One of those people who have worked on that ability is Sara Sewell, a 9th grader at Chaffin. This week, I got to talk to her about when she started drawing and how she realized she had this extraordinary talent.

What is the definition of art to you?
“It does not have a set meaning, the term beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is what art means. But, sometimes there is no true meaning behind art. It is just a piece.”

When did you first begin drawing?
“Since kindergarten I have loved art class, But I started to really draw in 6th grade. In 7th grade I stopped trying to draw for a while because I thought it was just not for me.”

Have you won any contest because of your drawings?

“Yes, It was a couple years ago at painting class. We had to enter art for the newspaper and I won! “

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The Meaning of Art