All Region Choir

          On a cold Saturday morning, hundreds of kids were preparing for all region choir auditions. I woke up at 5 a.m. and at five thirty I was on my way to school so all the Chaffin Choir kids could load up on the buses and head to Dover Middle School to sing. At 6:30 a.m. the buses finally pulled out of Chaffin and headed to Dover Arkansas. Most kids slept on the way there so they would be well rested for their audition. As soon as we arrived at Dover Middle School everyone was placed in the gym and given a sticker. The sticker had the persons section number and the number they would try out on. When your number was called, you were put in a line with people from your same section, and leaded to a practice room. After you left the practice room, you were to wait in a line in front of your audition room. The audition rooms had a stand, for you to put your music on, a big sheet hanging up and the judges on the other side. After singing, you were sent back to the holding area, where all the kids were, to wait until your school left. Dover Middle School served many tasty food options in their cafeteria, and things like, candy, popcorn, pretzels and soda in the concession stand. The gym was packed with kids and all of them were laying on the floor with their pillows and blankets sleeping. After hours of playing cards, sleeping, and playing around, the Chaffin boys loaded up on their buses. The girls left about 45 minutes later than the boys because the Chaffin Choir director, Ms. Guadagnini, was not done judging girls. All of the girls then loaded up on their buses and headed out for a trip back home. On the way back home the bus was much quieter than I expected. Everyone was exhausted and didn’t want to do anything but sleep. Later that night, everyone got the results of what chair they made in their voice part.

Congratulations to the following;

Top Ten Chairs

Soprano One A:

Lauren Murray: Chair 3

Gabby Sullivan: Chair 7

Julia Edwards: Chair 9


Soprano One B:

Gabby Solomon: Chair 2

Mallory Howard: Chair 3

Paris McCann: Chair 6

Madelyn Branscum: Chair 9


Soprano Two A:

Layla Kifer: Chair 1

Brevyn Tidwell: Chair 4

Shaniah Balagtas: Chair 8


Soprano Two B:

Caitlin Elliot: Chair 1


Alto One A:

Jadee McClure: Chair 6

Paige Vitchivongsa: Chair 7

Alexys Shankle: Chair 9


Alto One B:

Jenna Jones: Chair 1

Alexis Brogdon: Chair 4

Abbie Utz: Chair 9


Alto Two A:

Addyson Dorrough: Chair 6

Sara Thompson: Chair 8


Tenor One:

Joshua Pack: Chair 2

Sam Hansson: Chair 3

JT Beasley: Chair 6

Trey Kinsey: Chair 10


Tenor Two:

Christian Garcia: Chair 9


Bass One:

Jordan Jennings: Chair 6

Ashton Willhite: Chair 9