Chair Test in Orchestra


Isabelle Lawhorn

The eighth grade orchestra is having a chair test today (Wednesday, October 4th) so I thought that I would explain what a chair test is to the people that don’t know what it is or how the chair test works. Most grades are the same for orchestra they will all play the same song for the teacher and then based on your score you’ll get your set (1st chair, 2nd chair, 3rd chair etc.). In the eighth grade orchestra in violin section one first chair violin is Terry Nguyen, second chair is Sarah Emmons, and third chair is Celeste Myers. In the violin section two first chair is Thomas Bravo, second chair is Fabiola Velez, and third chair is Trennan Sheperd. In the viola section first chair viola is Jedidiah Lightner, second chair is Aiden Donoho and third chair is Gabby Sullivan. In the cello section first chair is Callie Shannon, second chair is Vivian Apple, and third chair is Daniel Hatler. Last but not least the bass section first chair is Macie Horton, second chair is Tristen Ball, and third chair is Mackenzie Harper. All these eighth graders did a wonderful job on their chair tests.