Band Competition

Lexi Vaughan, writer

At 9:00 on Tuesday morning, the 8th and 9th grade Chaffin Junior High band students left their class they were in, to head to the band room so they could get ready to head to Alma High school. There they had to compete with other band students from other schools such as Ramsey, Darby, Kimmons, and Trinity.

My fellow friend Reyna Lamb told me that she thought Kimmons did an amazing job.

The Chaffin band left the school around 10:35-10:40, and got back to school before 7th period. The Chaffin band got all ones! Yay Chaffin Band!

What the band competition is, is when band students from schools to somewhere to perform in-front of judges who then score them on how good the band does. They score them from one to ten, one being best, and ten being not so good.

My other fellow friend Breana Excollen told me that the band got cut off, so they didn’t get to do their second march, but they did in-fact get to do their first march.

A march is where you go on a field in your band suit and play your instruments.

Reyna Lamb said that the drum major and the announcer rushed the 3rd song so fast that the band had to play Croc. Rock right after Satisfaction.

Breana Excollen said that the band was pretty positive they would only get straight 2’s, but that the band somehow pulled through to get straight 1’s.