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When I think of superheroes I don’t think of figures like superman, batman, or others like that, I think of just a normal person I can look up to, and who are true great role models.

You could even be a superhero to someone, now or later in life.

I personally think all doctors are superheroes because they save people’s lives to the best the can.. Now that is a superhero..

People who become doctors must really want to save people’s lives because they have to go to college for a long while, and they don’t just go straight into being a doctor, it actually takes a long time to become a true doctor. Being a doctor takes some great patience and responsibility because not only are you saving someone’s life, you are also saving their families, if you understand what I mean.

Paramedics are also superheroes because they take the people that got hurt to the hospital, and they also help the person in the back, so that person doesn’t die when on the way to the hospital.

I don’t think that celebrities are superheroes. I mean some of them could do something great, but most of them are just famous, so people think they are great and think they are role models. I generally say otherwise.

If they do something to change people’s lives in a good way, then yes, yes that would make them a role model, but not forever, if it is only one thing that they did.

They donate to charity… yes, that is a good thing, and role model like, but if they do that only once, they won’t be a role model forever, at least in my opinion.

Especially if they do something good and role model like, then they do something bad, that definitely would not make them role model even if they did something good before because they would have ruined it with the bad thing they did.

Teachers are great role models because well they make a difference in your learning. Also some kids are really bad, so it makes it hard on teachers, but they push through, and continue to do what they do… teach.

You may not think teachers do a lot, but they do more than you think. They spend their nights grading your papers, and thinking of what to teach you, so that you can succeed in life. They are what helps you be successful because without what they teach you would be a clueless person wandering the streets.

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