Do kids need recess?

Lexi Vaughan, Writer

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I do certainly think kids need recess… When I had recess it was the best part of my day, whether it was inside recess or outside recess. With recess you can work out all of the energy you have built up, and you can take a break from class work.

You get to talk as loud as you want, you can run around, you can just have fun with friends. Recess is popular with many kids, in any grades. Maybe sometimes recess is boring, but it still gets you out of work for a bit. I mean maybe they don’t NEED recess, but it is certainly WANTED.  

Once you get out of elementery, you no longer have recess. At Chaffin Junior HIgh you have no recess, what you have is time after lunch to go outside and talk to friends, which that is not that fun if you don’t have any friends in your lunch period who talk to you! I rather be able to play on a playground than just stand and talk to people, that gets boring fast, plus we don’t have too much time to even talk to people.

Studies have shown that with recess, test scores have gone up with kids. So, maybe trying to have some recess time in Junior high and high school would be great because maybe our test scores could go up higher. Easily said because when we our all energy filled we can’t really concentrate, so a recess would help a lot for us kids who have too much energy.

If you don’t like recess, then what the heck kind of kid are you?!? Every person I have met likes recess, and wishes we have recess in Junior high and high school, but I guess teachers think after a certain age recess is not needed, when it is… us kids need to lose energy that we randomly get during the day… which we can’t do because we don’t really have time to do something fun, like recess. If you don’t like recess maybe you need some more fun friends because I can guarantee you that a lot of people like recess. Besides adults, they don’t like recess because they no longer know what fun is, they only know what work, work, work is! I know quite the bunch of high school people that would like a recess, but hey they obviously know what fun is.             

To be a good citizen, you teachers should really have recess in every school, up until college because college is when we actually need to get full on serious, and not know what fun is anymore. Once you get out of high school you may not like recess anymore, but honey we all know you guys loved your recess time maybe  just because you got out to work, you could also run around, scream loudly, and what not. I certainly do miss recess, but that is just me, I like to play around and stuff, you may be different, but if you say you never liked having recess… are you lying to yourself? Because you could be.   

Anyways, in conclusion I do think kids need recess.

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Do kids need recess?