Are Video Games Art?

Slate Stanton, Senior Editor-In-Chief

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     The argument for whether video games are art or not has been going on since their creation in 1971. In my article, I’ll be explaining both sides of the argument while relating back to the important games for this discussion. Although many view video games from all different points of view, the main purpose of them was to bring in a new era of possible artistic format.

     The first point I’ll be covering is the group of people who think video games are too violent. It’s no surprise why this would be such an issue because it’s partially true. Almost every game is surrounded the base idea of going on a journey and defeating your enemies with weapons. This idea has impacted how video games are made because it makes it seem like a game can’t be fun without violence. But, violence can be used to present art like a war movie would. Spec Ops: The Line is a first person shooter that focuses more on story than actual gameplay. It makes shooting enemies down and doing certain missions question your every move in the game on whether you’re the hero or the villain. The real kicker is later in the game where you realize something huge about what you’ve been doing the entire game.

     The next point, is the animation direction of video games can be beautiful. Games such as Journey, Abzu, and Shadow of the Colossus take a beautiful art direction with the use of one set color and building the game’s mood around that color. Cuphead uses Max Fleischer 1920’s animation for the game, and makes it one of the best looking games ever made.

     The last point I’ll make is video games with amazing stories. The Last of Us, Metal Gear Solid, and Heavy Rain put a lot of cinematic elements in the game’s storyline. Telltale games put a lot of choice on the player throughout the story and make it a more immersive experience. Telltale games also take existing properties such as the Walking Dead, Minecraft, and Batman, and give them new stories and characters to experience.

     What’s my point? Video games can be art if they choose to be. Some people think videogames are just toys, and that’s true. Some say videogames are a form of art much like movies, paintings, and music, and that’s true. Video games can be anything you want them to be because it’s all upon the player to make that decision.

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Are Video Games Art?