Year Round School?

Kimberly Witt, Writer

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         How would you feel if you were looking forward to Christmas vacation and then find out that instead of two weeks you have one week for Christmas break? Well, ten school districts in five states are now adding an extra 300 hours of school to their calendars. But, not only does that take away from breaks and holidays it also can cause students to fall behind. Many of the districts argue that it will help under performing students catch up on test. This may be a good idea and it may help certain students improve test but, what about the other kids who cannot work all the time and need to have breaks.
        According to some childhood development experts, younger students having breaks are vital components of a healthy development. Researchers have found that spending too much time on homework meant that students were not cultivating other critical life skills. Also spending too much time on homework can have a negative effect on the student’s performance. According to students need to learn things in the classroom environment.          But they also need to be able to spend time exploring other activities outside of school.
When students are jam packed with homework there is a high chance that they are stressed. Being stressed can have a huge impact on a kids ability to learn and think. Stress can cause sleep deprivation, headaches, and sometimes weight loss. According to more than 80% of students have reported having at least one stress-related symptoms in the past month. 44% have said they have experienced three and or more symptoms.
      When people think of summer they think of summer vacation. Which means, many families plan their vacations during summer break. If states consider year-round school, many people would have a hard time planning annual summer trips. Families can also miss out on family events that are planned during summer.
      Even though adding more days of school can help students improve on test scores, they can miss out on some of the fun adventures that summer break can bring and some of the many memories they can create.

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