Student Musician in the Spotlight – Amanda Cook

Layla Kifer

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Amanda Cook is a ninth grade student at Chaffin Jr. High she has been in band since seventh grade and enjoys playing the flute. She is also a majorette where girls twirl batons and learn choreographed routines. Amanda plans on attending Southside and joining their band. Other than band she participates in Chaffin Choir and has met many new friends she never thought she would be close with because of Choir and Band. She really enjoys the socializing and getting to be a part of her friends. Amanda is one of the many band students that attended the All Region Band. She hoped to accomplish learning two new pieces of difficult music in just two days. She says All Region tryouts are very  nerve racking because if you mess up on your audition pieces you cannot start over so if you make any mistakes  you have to keep going.  Enjoying the music and her friends is why she is always excited to go to band each day. She had always wanted to play the flute and she lives playing it. She says she doesn’t play any other instruments. She informed me she is not very good at piano. Amanda has traveled to different places like Southside, Northside and Silver Dollar City. She had lots of fun going to Silver Dollar City and playing at the high schools. Band had impacted Amanda’s relationships with people by bringing her closer with people she never thought she would be close with. Her hardest aspect of band is working with people who don’t pay attention. She joined band because her sister was in band and she wanted Amanda to join. She thought she might like it too. She doesn’t plan on working with music in her adult career. Thanks to band, so many opportunities have opened up like meeting new friends, working with others and going on trips.

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