Callie Shannon AMAZING tennis player joins High School tennis team!!!


Kenzie Kilgore, Writer

Callie Shannon is a fourteen year old freshman at Chaffin Jr. High. She has worked hard at her career to become an athlete for Southside High School’s tennis team. Even with her shy personality she has managed to make a huge impact with her amazing skills at tennis.

When I first asked Shannon how to hit an ace(which is a legal serve that the receiver does not touch), she laughed at the lack of knowledge I had on sports, and then responded by saying, “When I try to hit an ace I want to put a spin on it and hit it into a corner so the opponent won’t be able to hit it back.”

Callie told me that her favorite part of tennis is the competition and that it is a great way to stay active, she is such a humble person, she never once bragged about her tennis skills during the entire time I asked her about herself.

Shannon has been in tennis since she was little and has just stayed in it as a fun sport that she now can see as a possible career. She is already on a high school tennis team which is one step closer to a career as a tennis player, which Callie did state that if the opportunity as a college tennis player ever came then she would love to try out for the team. Callie’s dream job is playing tennis professionally, and she thinks that it would a great experience.

Even with Callie’s courteous personality I had to ask what her favorite part of winning was, she looked down and giggled then said, “ I don’t win much, but I like that I gain more experience and skills.”

Even with her great skills everyone loses, and Callie sadly said, ” When I lose I feel a bit down, but I know that it is a good learning experience and it will help me do better in the future.”

Callie Shannon is honest, caring, kind, selfless, and an athletic girl who loves tennis, and is ready to live life to the fullest. Callie takes any chance she gets at playing  tennis and uses it to improve her skills so she can become even better everyday. Shannon has a bright future and I can’t wait to see how much she succeeds in life.