Jess Minnick- Student Council Representative!

Kenzie Kilgore, Writer

Jess Minnick is an eighth grader at Chaffin Junior High and is a student council representative. Student Council is a group of students elected to address issues of concern and organize student events and activities. Jess joined Student Council because she has really creative ideas and thought it would be a fun experience. She is super excited to see where this path may take her and what projects the future holds. 

Jess just recently became a representative and hasn’t really experienced what it feels like to be part of a leadership group. She already has decided from the little bit of time she’s spent on student council that she is going to be on it in high school as well.

Even though Jess did not become a representative in seventh grade she was on the student council at her elementary school, which definitely gave her some knowledge of what to expect. One thing that she wants to do as a representative is come up with ideas for spirit week.

I asked Jess if she thinks that being in student council could better her future and she thought for a moment and then responded, “Yes I do, student council is a good way to show leadership and a great addition to a college resume.”

Minnick knows that she wants to continue student council next year and even in high school.  She thinks that colleges will really appreciate her effort to try to go above and beyond to help students have a better year. 

Jess is very passionate about her future of student council that will lead her to have teamwork, leadership, creativity, and hard working skills. I can’t wait to see how well she will do as the next few years pass, with her magnificent capability to work with others and come up with marvelous ideas.