Jada Thompson Starts Volleyball Off Right

Eryn Yelle, Writer

It all started when her friend asked her to play with her when she lived in Lavaca. She said quietly, “I just wanted to be able to spend more time with my friend, but then I really started to like it.”

Jada Thompson plans on continuing playing Volleyball throughout her high school years if she feels like she still likes playing. For Jada to continue in Volleyball she must meet the requirements of having all grades a C or above.

Jada says somewhat hurt, “Sometimes people on the other teams or supporters of the other teams boo us or are real negative towards us and they get in our heads. Sometimes even kids from our student section get really negative towards us and that’s what gets in our head the most.” She also said, “Whenever we play Greenwood we feel like we won’t win because everyone always tell us that they’re the best and that they’ll beat us, but when we played them and won we felt really relieved.”

Thompson says that conflict between team members is rare and that any problem that they do have are resolved very quickly and they soon get their heads back in the game. She says that the Volleyball team gets along well and they just like to encourage each other to do their best.

When asked what drive her to play her hardest, she replied confidently, “I love the competition ad the feel of winning. I also love being part of a team and really getting to work with my girls.”

Jada has been in Volleyball since seventh grade, when she played in Lavaca, and this is her third year. She likes hitting the ball and releasing all her pent up anger, frustration, and energy out during practice and games.

When I asked Jada Thompson  who her inspiration was she eagerly relied with, “Sidney Klein is she inspiration to keep playing. She is so encouraging and she just tells me all the time to do better and she’s such a good player too, she’s really good at hitting the ball.”