Dat Nguyen with that Quiz Bowl Win


Ellie Bunnell, Writer

The Chaffin Quiz Bowl team has had many victories, but one of their biggest ones was getting Dat Nguyen on the team. Dat is a freshman at Chaffin and this is his third year on quiz bowl. For anyone that might not know a whole lot about quiz bowl this is how Dat explained it. The moderator asks questions about math, science, history, pop culture, geography, and random facts. If you know the answer you buzz in and whichever team has the most questions right after all the questions wins.

Dat is in the geography section of quiz bowl. However, his favorite subject in school is Spanish. Spanish is his favorite subject because it’s easy and he gets a break from all of his other stressful classes.

Nguyen says he decided to join quiz bowl in seventh grade because all of his friends were doing it. I asked him if he plans to do quiz bowl in high school and he answered, “Most likely.” Dat is going to attend Southside High School, but if he doesn’t like it he’s going to switch to Northside his junior year.

The best part about quiz bowl for Dat is, “getting to compete against the other teams.” Chaffin has a phenomenal quiz bowl team that has made it to nationals many times, and won in 2017. Dat believes Chaffin will make it to nationals again, “because we always do.”

Last school year Dat got to go to New Orleans for quiz bowl nationals. Besides from just competing in quiz bowl he got to explore the city. Dat got to do all the essential things in New Orleans. He went to the World War II Museum, ate at Cafe Du Monde, and went on a swamp tour.

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