Chaffin Quiz Bowl – 10 points for Sanskruti Ghanti!!

Trista Truong, Writer

Sanskruti Ghanti may be a sevie, but she is also a smartie! Seventh grader Sanskruti Ghati is on the Chaffin Junior High Quiz Bowl Team. Sanskruti’s quiz bowl journey began in the sixth grade. She reminisced, “Last year in the 6th grade, we had to go to this quiz bowl event and I found out that I knew a lot of facts so I thought it would be nice to do it.” The story only goes on from there.

Sanskruti has only joined this year, but so far she says the experience has been pretty good. Ghanti is learning things she doesn’t know and studies those at home. Everyone on the quiz bowl team are very close, so it wasn’t surprising to find out most of the other members are her friends. Everyone has something they enjoy the most in clubs. For Sanskruti, her favorite part is getting to travel to different places and experience it with other people. Sanskruti even plans to stay in quiz bowl in the future.

Learning plays a major role in quiz bowl. When I asked Sanskruti what she has learned from being in quiz bowl she answered, “I learned the things I know and I don’t know.” She is working hard to learn new things and setting a good example for her classmates and peers.

Not only is she in quiz bowl, but she is in GATE, cross country, robotics, and band! Sanskruti shows great pride in school by taking interest in many different organizations. Many students at Chaffin Junior High strive to be involved like Sanskruti.

Although there has not been a quiz bowl competition yet, I can tell Sanskruti will do great! Currently, they are answering packets and questions. These serve the purpose of helping the quick thinking students figure out what they are good at. Sanskruti Ghanti can not wait to begin competing against other schools with her team behind her back, and she’s gonna do it with a buzzer in her hand!