Elizabeth Files, the next leader of Chaffin!

Gabby Woodie, Writer

Elizabeth files is a seventh grader at Chaffin. She is involved in quiz bowl, student council, GATE, tennis, and volleyball. She wanted to join student council because she wanted to be a leader and she did student council at her old school. She looks up to her sister, Kate Files, who was involved in student council at Chaffin. She wants to follow in her sister’s footsteps and continue with student council into high school.

In her life she considers herself a leader not a follower. She believes in speaking out instead of sitting back. She thinks her favorite part of student council will be the projects within the school. Elizabeth’s plan is to help improve Chaffin.

I asked Elizabeth what she thought was important to change in our school and she replied, ” Everyone needs to be kinder and think about what they are saying and what that means before they say it.”

She later said that with us all being nicer it will make us stand out and show that our school is a kind and well lead school. With that kindness and leadership Chaffin students and alumni will be easily identified. “People will know where we are from by our respect and attitude,” she said proudly. I think our school will be very well suited with Elizabeth carrying us into a bright future with her leadership and unique ideas.