Liv Todd Is Living For Student Council!!!


Angela Ortega, Writer

14 year old Freshmen Liv Todd joined student council because she wanted to give back to the school and her community.

You may be wondering what they do in student council. To answer; they create and help make events such as anti-bullying week, spirit week, and many other school events.

Liv Todd happily said, “Yes, student council is fun,” which led up to my next question to why is student council fun she says, “because we get to help make an impact on people’s life.”

After all those questions I dug a little deeper and asked about her personal life. Liv said her favorite food is salad and breadsticks. I asked about her favorite movie but Liv could not think of it.  She said her favorite animal is a dog although she doesn’t have any pets. She said she does not have any pets because “my brothers are my pets.”

Though Liv loves being a member on students council she does wish there was more members. Student council is not the only club she is a part of, she is in NJHS, Quiz Bowl, Super Indents Student Advisory Council, track and choir. So clearly Liv Todd is out there living her best life. Are you?