Life.Church Is The Best Part of My Life!!!


Angela Ortega, Writer

Recently Life.Church Fort Smith on 4933 Old Greenwood Rd. relocated into a new home on Kelly Hwy and 1900 N 62nd St right next to the Kelly Hwy Walmart. 

On September 23, 2018 this past Sunday was Life.Church’s grand opening. People everywhere including from OKC’s campus came for it.

When everyone first walked into this building the first thing people saw was people greeting you and hospitality (like drinks, water, snacks, etc). The first thing you heard is music. Inside the auditorium Blake Taylor(lead worship pastor) is always rocking out.

Now, our music may surprise you at first because it is a more modern music beat (like pop music). Blake always begins with a cover song (this past Sunday’s was Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons) 3-4 minutes before the actual worship music. After he is finished singing the cover song we move on to worship music like Revive, King of My Heart, Here as In heaven, etc. We sing about 3-4 worship songs then we will move on to the message.

Our message is taught to us by Craig Groeschel and broadcasted from OKC. This week the message series was called mastermind. It was about changing the way you think. We do each message series for 4 weeks (4 Sundays) then we get a new series. Craig also makes his messages funny, they are not just like the bible says this, this, and this. He adds humor all the time.

Now, this Sunday was not only empowering for the newcomers, but for the people who have been attending for a while. Life.Church pastor Johnny Roberts (lead pastor) was overwhelmed with joy when he saw there was over 800 people at the 10:00 (first) service. Keep in mind fire safety is 720.

Both services combined, there were around 2054 people and there was 117 salvations. 117 people raised their hand to get saved within the first hour of church. If that is not God speaking to us on the first day then, I don’t know what is.

In the kids area (aka Lifekids) there was over 200 children, since I swerve in konnect (1st-4th grade area), I saw there was over 50 kids in my area alone.

Now real quick in case you are wondering I meant to put swerve instead of serve. So on Wednesdays nights at 6:30 we have (starting October 10, 2018) youth nights. Our youth group is called Switch and Switch+Serving= Swerve-students who serve. is hoping to have a really good impact and so far it is working. Probably a better impact than all of us expected. At our church we have several mottoes we love to say.  Here are just a few, 1. “In this building we will laugh hard, loud and often.” 2. “Bring the good news to everyone and say, Whoever finds God finds life”(We say number this one at the end of each and every service).

One of everybody’s favorite sayings is, “We are the Church. We don’t believe that church is a building we believe we are the Church. We are all followers of Christ and are all apart in leading others to be fully devoted followers of Christ. We are the capital C Church.

In case you ever want to visit our website (this includes our new and old message series and other events going on.)use link below!!