Ready Player One Review

Paige Christenberry, Writer

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   Ready Player One was a movie almost everyone was waiting impatiently for. The production, the CGI, acting, and animation, all looked amazing in the previews. Sadly, I’m going to have to give this movie a 5/10

   With predictable characters and the protagonist having an actor that looked uncomfortable all of the time, I personally hated the movie. Within the first twenty minutes, I had already figured out how the entire plot was going to go. Not only was the plot quite easy to figure out, but the characters, the love interest, in particular, had very boring, stereotypical background stories that made me snore. 

   Despite this, both the CGI and production were amazing and Shoto was an adorable little bean. I believe these were the only good aspects of the movie, which was very disappointing. With the movies budget and good story plot idea, they could have done so much more with the movie, but instead, chose to make a basic that showed off the production value rather than keep a good story. Are you ready player one – It is the first step, so don’t be tense just go back to the fence.

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