Take a chance with Evan Chance

Eryn Yelle, Writer

It was typical day at Chaffin Junior High, although raining, the mood was quiet. The air seemed almost soft. Every one seemed in a calm mood, even the administration. And even though our administration makes the rules, some students may also have a say with what happens in the school. Those students are Chaffin Junior High Student Council.

Evan Chance is part of the student council as a representative. He wants to be on student council because he likes getting involved with the school to make it better. Evan said almost with pride, “It looks good on scholarships and having done it, it puts me above others.”

Evan likes getting to do things in student council like meetings, planing spirit week, coming up with fun ideas, fun time, see students creativity pop out, donations, and helping people.

He also likes Mrs. Mankins and Mr. Clark, connecting with people, and making a difference. He says enthusiastically, “If you help keep making differences happen, then you know you did something good for the school.”

When I asked Evan about how well everyone gets along he said that they have ‘peaceful debates’, but everyone gets along well and no one has anything against anyone. Everyone just tries to get the best ideas out there.

Goals Evan Chance wants to achieve by being in student council is he wants to set new school traditions and change lives inside and outside of school (like the can food drive).

Other activities Chance participates in are GATE, NJHS, baseball, and basketball. He likes having variety in life, and doesn’t like doing more than one thing over and over. He says enthusiastically, “I like having NJHS because I like to volunteer, GATE and student council let me mentally challenge myself, but I like basketball and baseball for the physical challenge.”

With a student as dedicated to the school as Evan Chance, we can trust that our school will be great in the near future.