Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair is in Town!!!!


Kenzie Kilgore, Writer

The fair is coming to town! It will bring joy, excitement, love, and great bonding moments. Every year the fair comes to Fort Smith, Arkansas at the end of September with tons of new rides, and more carnival games.

The Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair has lots of fried food, sweets, and even fried sweets. Not only are there plenty of yummy foods, but there are also many scary rides and exciting games. The fair includes many rides like the Scrambler, a Ferris Wheel,  the Thunderbolt, the Pharaoh’s Fury, the Speed, and much more.

There are plenty of snacks to fill up on, after a long journey through scary rides, fun rides, and rides that make you throw up. For a meal there are hot dogs, corn dogs, cheese steaks, nachos, pickles, pizza, and hamburgers. If you’re just looking for a dessert there are still plenty of options, caramel and candy apples, funnel cake, cotton candy, snow cones, and fried oreos.  So come hungry because there is plenty of food to go around.

Every night there is either a discount or an event that no other night has. The fair does this so everyone can get a different experience, and so that it can appeal to more people.  

On Friday, September 21st, the fair came to town with discount wristbands. Then on Saturday, September 22nd, there was a youth talent competition. On Sunday, September 23rd, there was a  junior market steer judging. Monday, September 24th, it was buy one armband get one free day. Tuesday, September 25th, was discount coupon day. On Wednesday, September 26th, gate admission was one dollar or one non-perishable food item until 5pm. Thursday, September 27th, is discount ticket day, carnival rides only require 1,2, or 3 tickets. Friday, September 28th, Jackyl performs at Hugh Hardin Arena. Saturday, September 29th, are unlimited ride, armband day.

Many people enjoy the fair for it’s fun activities, shows, and plenty of rides. It is open to all types of people, friends, family, and any one who wants to go. Go down to the fair and have a great time, eat food, go on rides, play games, and last but not least have fun!!