Allison Atchley Does It All


Boushra Raache, Writer

We all know about the student council president, vice president, and secretary, but what goes on behind the scenes? Student council representative Allison Atchley is here to tell us just that.

Allison is an eighth grader at Chaffin Junior High. This is her first year on the student council. When I asked her why she chose to join this year she said she wanted to be more involved, “Last year I was still trying to get through being a 7th grader and I thought being able to help the school is fun.”

Atchley is already thinking ahead saying, “It {being on student council} looks good on college applications and is practice for high school student council,” when I asked her why she was so excited when she found out she made it onto student council.

While you may not know Allison as a student council representative, you may know her as a member of our Chaffin Charmers. She enjoys dancing in her freetime and is always practicing.

I was curious about what she wanted to be in the future so I asked her. She said with a chuckle, “I’ve actually been thinking about that lately with career orientation and all and probably business.  I have always enjoyed economics and saving and budgeting and financing.”

Student council has many things planned, and while Atchley couldn’t give away everything, she gave me the main gist of things. They are constantly coming up with new things to help the school. They also campaign different things each month such as anti-bullying month which is coming up.