MAC liquid pro-plus waterproof foundation rips you off ! ! !


Eryn Yelle, Writer

Listen up here to all who wear makeup, if you’re thinking about going to that MAC counter and getting yourself a new bottle of that fancy pro-plus liquid waterproof liquid foundation, think again. Because I assure you, it’ll be a complete disappointment. I’m here to tell you why!

It might provide full coverage and it may be waterproof, but there are so many other things wrong with it. It is oily on your skin and once you apply powder, you feel hot. And not the beautiful kind. You actually feel like your pores are clogged and your face can no longer breathe.

It doesn’t stay in place. Even after putting on setting spray, if you twitch, or raise your brows, fantastic, now you have a crease line across your face, just great!

Also, do I have to mention it’ll bring up any contour, bronzer, or highlight you put on. Yep, that’s right, those extras on and they get brought up. If you put powder on top of your new foundation, you look cakey. Like a half baked cake that someone refuses to put back into the oven.

In short, it sucks. I recommend not buying it.