Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Review

Paige Christenberry, Writer

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The Angel Experiment is a brilliantly written book by James Patterson.  I adored this series and the first book is possibly the best one I read. I rate it a 9/10.

The entire plot was brilliant and imaginative and the fact that he used characters ranging from 14-6 makes it relatable for a lot of people who read the story. The protagonists consist of a group of mutation children and it’s absolutely lovely how James portrayed these characters.  The only thing that I didn’t personally like about the book was the love interest. The first book starts off with a strong, intelligent female lead (who was most definitely a feminist) at the young age of 14 which, is hard to find in a book. I was siked to see that there was a female protagonist who wasn’t boy crazy, that is until a love interest was thrown randomly in the middle of the first book.

The books in their entirety do not focus on the protagonist’s love life though, but rather the “adventures” she goes on and the struggles of being a “science experiment.” If you like fantasy, sci-fi, or action, I recommend you try the series.