Omarion Hitting Chaffin with a High Note


Gabby Woodie, Writer

Omarion Flowers is a 9th grade Chaffin student in choir. He has been in choir all three years at Chaffin. When Omarion was ten his mom told him he was going to sing in the church choir and he didn’t want to at first. “Then after doing it for a while I liked it,” as he said laughing. Omarion to this day still sings in the choir at his church and sings for Chaffin. He just competed at all region. In 7th grade Omarion joined band, but soon after realized it was not his gift, and he wanted to do something different so he switched to choir. He switched to choir because he loves music and wanted to have a class that involved music. His favorite song to sing right now is “Until I Found the Lord.” He says he does not plan on making music a career, but he thought it would be cool to lead a church choir later in life. He says for a after school career that he wants to be an interior decorator. Omarion sings tener one which is the highest part for a guy and the hardest for a lot of boys. Omarion is singing his way through life and Chaffin jr high.