Keep calm, and SLIME on!!!

Keep calm, and SLIME on!!!

Kenzie Kilgore, Writer

 SLIME!! Everyone is obsessed with this new hobby of making SLIME!! Kids, teens, and even adults. SLIME is an ooey gooey substance created with glue, baking soda, and contact solution.  

Not only are students playing with it at their homes, but they’re also taking it on the go!!! SLIME has been around for years, but wasn’t a huge success until after 2016.

People don’t just play with SLIME for fun, they sell it, post it on Instagram, and even have YouTube channels. SLIME has grown so much from its original form. There is not just one type of SLIME, there is cloud, butter, glossy, thick, clear, and many more.

SLIME has become a huge part of society, people take it to school, on vacations, to church, and a whole lot of other places. If someone does not know how to make slime there are plenty of ways to get some. They can buy from a professional Instagram slimer, at a store, or they can watch a YouTube video to learn how to make it.

SLIME might be a fun activity, but there are some hazards. SLIME can be made using glue and borax, borax is a white mineral used for cleaning purposes. Many people have gotten a third degree burn because of extended exposure to borax. Not all SLIME is made with borax as a main ingredient. Detergent, Sta-Flo, and contact solution can be used to create SLIME.

These possible dangers aren’t stopping people from making, playing, and selling SLIME. SLIME is a huge trend right now, and is very popular to all age groups. Instagram show cases many videos of people playing with slime. Many big SLIME accounts are Glitter SLIME, Popular SLIME, Snoop SLIME, SLIME Yoda, and a lot more.

SLIME is a great way to express some creativity, and have fun. People enjoy being able to customize their SLIME to make it just the way they like it. SLIME can come in many different ways, shapes, and forms which is why people love it. So who cares if you make a clear SLIME, or a white SLIME, or even a rainbow SLIME, just have fun, and express yourself. SLIME is made to be colored, and played with. So go out, buy some glue, baking soda, and contact solution, and make some SLIME!!!