City Choral Fest 2018

Trista Truong, Writer

On any normal day, I would enjoy singing in class. However, I usually don’t enjoy singing the same four songs for five hours. Constant stops and having to fix this or fix that. It’s safe to say I don’t enjoy City Choral Fest.

City Choral Fest is a great experience to help us be prepared for all-region tryouts. This year was very different for me. Two important people were missing. I have always enjoyed choir because of Ms. G and Mr. Lee. They made choir enjoyable. It was all fun and games until Ms. G announced that she’s leaving. We also later found out when school started that Mr. Lee was no longer teaching at Chaffin.

Once we had arrived, I was prepared for the worst. I mean we are seated in the back. I might as well get a good nap in. Eat some animal crackers while I’m at it. No, but in all seriousness, I did not think I would enjoy the event this time.

Surprisingly, I had fun. We did sing a lot, but the director made it fun. She understood our struggles. She asked for us to fix something, we fixed it, and moved on. We were very productive and had a really great time singing. Thanks to City Choral Fest, we are all more prepared for all-region tryouts Saturday.

It was almost lunchtime and a lot of the heads were turned to the doors. I looked over while continuing to sing and saw someone I never thought I would see again. Mr. Lee stood before us. Tears welled up in my eyes and the music stopped flowing from my lips.

Not soon enough, it was lunchtime. We all bolted to Mr. Lee and reunited as a whole. I only got to hug him for a couple seconds before I had to let the others have a chance to see him. The tears were flowing down my cheeks and my face was red. It all seemed like a dream. I didn’t know if this was real.

One second I’m crying, the next I see Ms. G. She’s here. For real. I immediately hugged her, but it wasn’t long until I was forced to move on. I was bawling at this point. The tears would not stop falling. It was like a waterfall of tears. We took a group picture (which I looked like trash due to my tear stained cheeks). After the picture everyone had proceeded to lunch while I stay on the staircase in Ms. G’s arms.

She whispered some things in my ear and we had to part ways. It was hard, but it gave me a chance to reunite with my friends in high school and my favorite directors. After lunch the high school choir and the junior high choir sang to each other. I was starstruck at how good they sounded. It was the most amazing experience and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to go again this year.

City Choral Fest this year is something that I would never forget. The day was filled with beautiful songs which had beautiful meanings. The day was also filled with laughter, hugs, and tears. Lots and lots of tears. City Choral Fest was definitely one for the books. A special someone told me elephants never forget and I never will.