Choir From Yessenia’s Point of View

Rainey George, Writer

Yessenia Becerra, a freshman at Chaffin Jr High who is in the women’s choir, smiled passionately at me. As long as I’ve known her she’s always been passionate and inspiring. Her only inspiration; however, was the old choir teacher Mrs. G and her sister who has heard her singing around the house and encouraged her to become a part of choir.

However, in Yessenia’s words choir isn’t always easy it requires a lot practice and dedication. It also requires vocal exercises and participation whether that be towards taking care of her vocal chords or actual classwork. It’s all worth it for her though as it’s one of the many activities that she takes part of.

Although she may be extremely dedicated, dedication doesn’t always lead to success, so her success was sadly limited at all region. She is excited for next year though as she won’t let her temporary lack of success hold her back. She will continue to practice so that she can advance her skills and better her chances at success for next year.

This is the mentality that all the all region choir students tend to have and need to have in order to be successful. This can also help to further their experience and talent. This will ultimately lead to success for all the students and their peers.