Bravo for Thomas Bravo!


Ellie Bunnell, Writer

An orchestra is a group of instrumentalists working together to play classical music. Thomas Bravo is a part of orchestra here at Chaffin. He is a violinist who has been in orchestra here at Chaffin since 7th grade. Bravo’s favorite part of orchestra is, “being able to play different songs, and just heighten my skills as a violinist.”

Thomas also plays the piano and guitar. His favorite subject in school is English because, “Mrs. Russell is cool.” Besides from playing violin Thomas likes to play sports with his dad and games with his friends.

The orchestra teacher, Mr. Pinkston was teaching a beginner orchestra when I went into his classroom. He explained to me that everyone in the class were learning how to read notes on a page. He said that, “learning notes is like learning a foreign language.”

There are approximately 180 students who participate in orchestra at Chaffin. They’re first concert was on October 9th, and they sounded beautiful.