Chaffin Choir Makes 63 Chairs at All Region Competition!!!

Kenzie Kilgore, Writer

This year Chaffin Jr. High has received a new choir director, who has already led the choir to have 63 people make All Region. All Region is a competition where each person auditions three songs and is placed in a chair, the lower number of the chair the better.

Before All Region there is a something called City Choral Festival where each group gets to practice with everyone from Fort Smith choirs. City Choral Festival was on Wednesday the 3rd and then on Saturday the 6th was All Region where the choir students spent six hours of their weekend driving, waiting, and auditioning.

The students did a great job, there was even two students who made first chair at All Region. Gabby Sullivan made first chair at All Region which is the best chair she could possibly make. Gabby is a soprano one, meaning that she can sing very high, so not only is she just a talented singer, but she also has a huge voice range.

Thess Holloway also made first chair at All Region in the bass section. Thess is a bass two which is the lowest voice part. They both them, and everyone else who auditioned did great. Even the people who didn’t make All Region all did awesome jobs.

For her first year at this new school Mrs. Martin has done an amazing job at leading the choir to sixty three chairs at All Region. So far the choir has already proved they are going to blow everyone away with their great singing skills, I can’t wait to see how well they do at their Christmas concert, CPA, and much more.