Gabby Sullivan Finally Loves Choir

Angela Ortega, Writer

You ever feel stressed that you are not good enough at something? Well that was Gabby Sullivan when she first joined choir, but Ms.G, Chaffin’s prior choir teacher, said that it is ok singing is not perfect, you just gotta get back up and keep going.

Sometimes she even feels like she wants to quit, but she remembers the words of Ms.G and that helps her get out of that mindset. Even when she first joined choir she said, “I didn’t think I was going to like it, but I ended up really loving choir.”

When I asked how her and the rest of the choir work as a team she explained, “you really have to listen to the girls around you and blend your voices to make it sound like you are one girl.”

Now, so far, Gabby may seem like the person that does not cause trouble but she did admit that her and her friend used to playfully argue in choir and cause a disruption sometimes.

A little bit about Gabby, personally, is she loves horseback riding on her horse, Scout. She has two older sisters Mallory and Katlyn and she loves to write. Watch her favorite movie, Mary Poppins, and bring her a good cajun crawfish with potatoes and she will be your best friend.