Brianna Decker- A Proud Musician

Rayven Stuart, Writer

Brianna Decker has been a member of band and a clarinet player for three years now. With her passion for music, getting the chance to be in band was more than just a dream. Finding the complexity of the clarinet to be rather satisfying in her hands, she does not find any difficulty being in the class. In fact, Decker claims she is very good at what she does.

When asked if she enjoys playing at football games and pep rallies, Brianna was more than proud to be performing in front of others, regardless of if she plays good or bad. Decker stated that her favorite part of band is getting to march with all her peers at the football games. However, the uniforms she finds to be very bothersome for she finds them to be “too bulky and hot” for late night performances at the games. Brianna also finds it difficult to balance her homework with band activities but finds a way to make it work.

Brianna is very appreciative of her teachers and believes they make band not just a learning experience, but a fun experience too. “They know how to engage you in music,” she said. While she doesn’t have any short-term goals for band at the moment, she plans to make band a lifelong career and is more than eager to perform for even more people in the future.