Why Do Teens Listen To Music So Much?

Zach Prescott, Writer

How many kids have you seen in the hallways listing to music. How many times have you heard a student ask if they could listen to music. I’m a teen and listen to music anytime I can while I’m at school or when I’m home. Have you ever wondered to yourself “Why do teens listen to music so much.” Well I’m trying to figure that out. I feel like music in this day and age is kinda like art. Teens can express their feelings to all this music. When teens listen to music they can find their identity.

In many ways music define teens now, it is a type of language for us and music choice often determines which peers they hang out with. Music can get inside are personality and interest and can be very emotional experience. Research shows that if can affect every part of the brain, including out emotions and the brain chemicals transmitting information throughout the body. But why do we listen to it so much these days? Maybe some teens find listen to music to calm them down if they are stressed. Whenever I’m listening to music at home I’m usually doing homework. I’m just not as stressed when I’m doing it. In this day and age I think us teens listen to music for stress and anxiety. I also think we do it just for fun and listen to the new song everybody else is listing to. Everyone likes different music rap, pop, rock, country. Music is something that can connect people even if you don’t know them at all. That’s what I like about people and music.