How to: Stay Safe During Halloween

Paige Christenberry, Writer

Halloween is chaotic, to say the least. It is a time where children and teenagers are running around in costumes and straying from their parents because they want more candy. It’s quite easy to get hurt or possibly kidnapped during this time, so here are five “rules” to keep you safe on Halloween.

Rule Number One of Halloween: Always Stay in a Big Group

Teenagers, I’m targeting this rule at you. I know it may be fun to go out Trick or Treating with only one, maybe two friends at your side, but it is still easy to either get separated from them and become injured or simply get snatched by some creepy old dude. I know it sounds scary, and half of you are thinking “oh, that won’t happen to me,” but it is better to be safe rather than sorry, right? With a big group of five to six people, you’re less likely to be separated from each other and there will be more of a light source, making it easier for you to see.

Rule Number Two of Halloween: Always Keep a Flashlight/Phone on You

It may be fun to Trick or Treat in the dark as it could make everything spookier and give a creep factor to your night; however, this is extremely dangerous. Whilst there are many people who choose to walk on Halloween, the majority of parents drive around and drop their kids off from neighborhood to neighborhood and keep an eye on them. How are they supposed to see you if you don’t have some sort of light shining? Not only this, but it is more likely for someone to be injured if you’re walking around during nighttime without flashlights. While the phone is simply a safety measure, I still recommend having both a phone and flashlight on you in case someone is seriously injured and you need help.

Rule Number Three of Halloween: Do Not Take Homemade Sweets As a Treat

Yes, I know it is tempting to take cookies your neighbor baked instead of candy, but you have no idea what could be in that cookie. There could be razor blades, or something you’re allergic to, or even rat poison and you would have no idea until you’d already eaten it. It is also very important to check your candy bag before you start stuffing sugar in your mouth. For me, and disagree if you may, if the wrapper of the candy is closed then you are fine; however, if it is opened or shows signs of having been opened beforehand, I strongly suggest that you throw it away and do not eat it,

Rule Number Four of Halloween: Don’t Stay Out Past Curfew

Again, this is directed to the teenagers who go Trick or Treating without their parents. A lot of you may be unaware of this, but Fort Smith’s curfew is 10;30 p.m, and if those under eighteen stay out passed that time, without an adult that is, then they will suffer consequences. Though this was not a rule, try not to stay out when the street lights are off.

Rule Number Five of Halloween: Don’t Knock On People’s Doors If Their Lights Are Off

Every year children knock on people’s doors even though their porch lights are not on, and every year I hear my neighbor complaining about it. It is an unspoken rule that if someone’s porch light is off, or if there is a sign on their door then they are either one, not home, or two, not participating in trick or treating and wish to be left alone. Try to pay attention to who has their lights on and who doesn’t as you never know who’s door you’re knocking on.

There they are, five easy rules of Halloween that most definitely should be followed. Stay safe, loves, and have a spooky Halloween.