Disney Characters- Spirit Week Ideas

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Disney Characters- Spirit Week Ideas

Rainey George

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Spirit week is coming up next week, while for some this might be enjoyable and an unlimited chance for creativity, others may become anxious at the thought of trying to figure out what to wear for each day. To help with this problem I’m writing characters you can impersonate for the Disney character day. Now the first thing you must know is Disney isn’t just brim filled with princesses and fairy godmothers. They have unlimited characters that range from Simba the lion to Olaf the snowman. If you aren’t really in the mood to be swept off your feet at the ball or carried away in a golden chariot then buckle up and hold on. Because I’m about to fill your head with limitless ideas to get you started for this years spirit week.


Mickey Mouse

Of course there is always the options to not participate, but that’s no fun. The other options are limitless like the grains of sand on the beach shore. One of those many options is Mickey Mouse. He is Disney’s most classic, timeless, and beloved character among all fans young and old alike. The way to achieve this look is quite easy since hes a mouse. First find red shorts that end at about your knees. Jeans or any other type of pants or even skirt would even work for this look.  Then add white circled to the top of the jeans in a way that almost overflows into the shirt. Next grab a black long sleeve shirt and a black headband. If you don’t already have mouse ear growing from your head you can grab some construction paper and add them to your headband. If you are willing you could even go the extra mile and wear white gloves to get the authentic Mickey vibe. 


Jasmine From Aladdin

However, you may also want to be swept off your feet and have all your problems disintegrate in front of you. If you are feeling this be the role of a princess and have all your problems solved by the quick actions of a man. If you also want to slay and rock your looks then you have the biggest range of gorgeous princesses to choose from. Since literally everyone is ready for Disney to let it go with Elsa. I’m gonna dodge that Disney princess all together. However, if you are feeling like doing a classic princess Jasmine is an excellent choice for you. Her normal outfit would sadly not fit the strict rules of Chaffin Junior High’s dress code so the look may need to be bent for your excellent live action version. You could pair some blue or white joggers with a light blue shirt. Say you really wanna add a bit you could even add bits of flashes to your outfit by adding dark jasmine colored jewels to it. You could also curl your hair to add a bit of bounce like her hair and put it into braids with blue ponytails.


Maleficent From Sleeping Beauty

If you’re still here you must be looking to be a villain for a day. We all feel that way sometimes so here are some options. You could dress as maleficent. She is a classic and loved enough to have her own solo movie. All you would need for this is a long dark coat or dress that drapes over you. That is the only part of her outfit that would really follow dress code, but if you could find a way to wear something or carry something that adds to your costume it would definitely add a layer of realisticness to it.


Sid From Toy Story

You could also be Sid from Toy Story. All you would need for this look and dark pants and a dark shirt preferably with a skull on it. Maybe you want to be a superhero and if that’s for you, Great. You could be one of the Incredibles. There look would be simple a red shirt with red pants, black gloves, black boots , and if in any way you can find it possible an I across the front.


Judy From Zootopia

Now as I’m reaching the end of my drawn out article I’ll give you just two more of the limitless ideas. You could dress as Judy a bunny from the movie Zootopia. You could choose from any of her many outfits, but the one I’m choosing is her police outfit. This would be simple. You would wear a blue long sleeve tee, blue jeans, a black vest over the tee, a black belt, and black gloves. You could also bring a pair of toy handcuffs if you wanna go as far as possible.


Vanellope From Wreck It Ralph

Finally my last idea I’ll be sharing is Vanellope. She is a main character from Wreck It Ralph. This look would also be quiet easy for most people. You would need a blue jacket pair with a black skirt above blue leggings. You could wear black boots and throw your hair into a ponytail with a red bow. Then add different color bobby pins to add the pops of her random candy pieces. You could really go the extra miles by filling your pockets with candy and wearing a golden medal.

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