Is Coraline the best Halloween movie yet?


Mika Manning, Writer

Want to watch a good Halloween movie that isn’t super scary, well then watch Coraline. Coraline is a movie about a girl named Coroline Jones who recently moved into a house. She has two elderly neighbors and a strange man who lives up stairs and trains mice for a circus act. One Day while exploring her house she finds a door with a brick wall behind it. She later opens the door and there’s a hallway to entirely different world but it’s just like her world now. But in the world her mother is different, the opposite of what her real mom is and her dad who is also opposite. In the new world her mom is fun, likes to plant and her dad likes to cook and play the piano. When she feels like something is off she heads through the tunnel back to her real house and discovers her parents are missing. Turns out the new mother kidnapped them and wants Coraline to sew buttons in her eyes and become like her new mom. There are 3 kidnapped children(the trapped souls) from a long time ago who Coraline needs to save. To find out what happens next and if Coraline finds her parents and saves the kids you will have to watch the movie to find out. You can watch this movie on Netflix.