Real-world, Real problems


Boushra Raache

From the minute we start school, we are told that all the work we do and everything that we are being taught will one day benefit us. And while I’m sure that that is true, there are so many useless things we are being taught instead of information that we might actually use one day.

I’m not saying that we should stop being taught these things, I’m just saying that schools need to add more real-world work. We need to be taught about the hardships we will face and how to deal with them instead of having them thrown in our faces with no preparation.

There are so many terrible things in this world, and instead of letting us talk about these things, adults tell us we’re “too young” or that we’ll “understand when we’re older.” We deserve to know NOW. This is our world too and we shouldn’t be shut down simply because of our age. We understand more than adults think we do and if we were actually taught about what these terrible things are, we could be the ones to solve them.

And it isn’t just the problems we need to be taught about. Why aren’t we being taught how to do our taxes or how to get a job. These are things that we need to know. I am not being taught anything about how to buy a house or how to write a college application that will actually get me into a good college. These are things that can easily be incorporated into everyday school work. It’s not like I’m asking for the whole curriculum to change or revolve around these things. I am just asking for one simple and easy change that might help students prepare for the future.

The real world has so many real problems. And maybe we should be learning about how to deal with those instead sitting in a classroom being taught something that might not even relate to what we plan on doing in the future.